Sociomile Voice, The Most Understanding of Call Center Needs That Continue to Grow

Sociomile Voice is a Call Center Telephony system to support the operations of Inbound Outbound Contact Center agents with a variety of interesting features and modules that can be customized (Custom Workflow) according to your needs. Sociomile Voice is supported by IP PBX Telephony System technology so that Agents can work anywhere (Support WFH). Immediately contact our team and do a system demo right now!

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After sales service to improve customer satisfaction, where the contact center agent functions to handle customer complaints and provide information assistance.

Services as following :

Call center for complain
Payment and order processing

bpo contact center inbound

Calls that are proactive, where the contact center agent will contact the customer in an effort to achieve the business goals charged by the company.

Services as following :

Phone verification
Call reminder

bpo contact center outbound
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Facilitating Continuously Evolving Call Center
Needs with System Customization

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Custom Workflow
Telephony system customization from Dashboard, Flow Ticket, to Reporting. According to the needs.
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PDS (Predictive Dialer System)
A feature to call many numbers at once and will forward calls connected to available agents.
sociomile sociobot benefit 65
IP PBX Telephony System
Cloud-based, making it easier for agents to access the dashboard anywhere (Support WFH).
sociomile sociobot benefit 66
QA Score Card
A useful module for measuring customer service and agent performance.
sociomile sociobot benefit 67
Monitoring Wallboard
Easily monitor call traffic, agent availability, voice recording, etc. via your Smartphone.
sociomile sociobot benefit 68
Automatic Call Distribution
Call distribution connects to available agents automatically.
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API Integration
Easy to integrate the system with other CRM applications/existing data as needed.
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SIPTRUNK (Multi Provider)
Is the official partner of telephone operators in Indonesia to enrich the choice of operators to be used as needed.
sociomile sociobot benefit 71
Ping Call / Outbound Validation
A feature to make it easier to call many numbers at once and automatically eliminate invalid numbers.
sociomile sociobot benefit 72
Voice Broadcast
Features for automatic delivery of recorded voice messages to subscriber lists.
sociomile sociobot benefit 73
Spy, Barge, and Whisper
Additional features to support the improvement and effectiveness of agent operations.
sociomile sociobot benefit 74
WhatsApp Integration
Can be integrated into WhatsApp and Telegram instant messaging platforms (one-way).
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Sociomile Voice Features for Effective Call Center Service

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  • Web Administration
  • IP PBX - Work from Home Supported
  • IVR, ACD, CTI, Custom Wallboard with real time update
  • Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms)
  • Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  • Support Call Transfer, Call On Hold, Call Spying, Call
  • Whispering, Call Barging
  • Support for call scheduling in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Predictive dialing (PDS)
  • Do-Not-Call List Support
  • Support for configuration of threshold for short call, call
  • answered, service level
  • Performance report : Productivity, Log Status & Break, QA
  • Score Card
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  • Log Status : Break / Activity report
  • Call detail report
  • Calls by hour report
  • Calls by agent report
  • Stand by time report
  • Login - Logout report
  • Inbound Calls
  • Agent monitoring
  • Call inbound monitoring
  • Agent information
  • Agent total connection time report
  • Report of trunk usage by hour and day
  • Etc
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Enjoy More Conveniences with Sociomile

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Sociomile Voice
Customer interaction system via inbound/outbound voice calls
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Trusted by Hundreds of Brands from Various Industries

It's time to improve customer engagement with us for business acceleration in digital era.

Sebelum kenal Ivosights kami menggunakan layanan multi-channel yg dikelola unit berbeda, tapi performance & engagement tidak maksimal, hingga awal 2020 kami menggunakan Sociomile & Sociobot. Luar biasanya interaksi kami tumbuh lebih dari 500%, service level & service quality terjaga dengan baik. Ivosight bantu kami tingkatkan customer experience & berdampak pada pertumbuhan bisnis kami.
Untuk pemakaian Sociomile selama kurang lebih 2 tahun ini, dari sisi penggunaan itu sangat mudah di gunakan, tampilannya juga simple dan mudah dimengerti, fungsinya juga lengkap.
Akhir-akhir ini semakin membaik, karena dari awal pada tahap moderasi dari FB-nya cukup lama. Saat ini, dalam hitungan satu jam untuk template itu sudah cepat untuk approve. Progress ini kami appreciate. Penggunaan dashboard-nya pun sangat user friendly.
Walaupun Sociomile itu produk lokal tapi fitur nya komplit, apalagi ada custome field. Kami bisa free bikin sendiri tanpa harus req ke Ivosights. Harganya pun murah. Channel-nya beragam, kami jadi enak ngebagi project berdasarkan BU (bidang unit).
Sociomile memudahkan admin untuk membalas chat secara bersama-sama. Penarikan report terkait tiket, issue, customer survey hingga performance dari customer service pun sangat mudah. Data terkait tagging/issue yang ada di Sociomile juga bisa menjadi feedback bagi perusahaan/brand kami.
Sebagai retail fashion, PT Transmarco membutuhkan satu single dasboard untuk berinteraksi dengan pelanggan. Sociomile telah membantu kami, sehingga interaksi dengan pelanggan pun jadi lebih mudah dan cepat. Karena, kepuasan pelanggan menjadi prioritas utama kami.
Tools nya membantu banget, kerja jadi lebih mudah ga perlu buka sosmed 1 per 1 cukup dari sociomile, semua channel yang menjadi concern layanan kita bisa dimonitoring menggunakan satu tools ini. Over all recommended untuk monitor social media.

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