Command Center as Strategic Operations Center

The digital era requires every agency to move faster and respond more precisely to the massive data flow. A Command Center is needed as a center for data monitoring, coordination, and decision making to respond and handle situational events in a responsive and effective manner.

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Benefits of Command Center as Information and Strategy Control Center

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Convenient Information Display from Multiple Sources
Display data from various sources in Real Time & simultaneously, so you can monitor all information and analyze it with a comfortable display.
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Quick Response in an Emergency
Practical and efficient emergency situation monitoring so that you can escalate the situation to mitigate issues effectively and efficiently.
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Ease of Data Processing and Analysis
With all the data that appears, it will be easier for you to compare the desired data, so it is very helpful in processing and analyzing data.

Ivosights End-to-End Command Center Provider

Help realize an effective and efficient Command Center with end-to-end services.

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A comfortable and safe Command Center room layout design.
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Hardware &
Provision of hardware and software that can be adjusted to the budget and needs.
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Hardware design design for Command Center development needs.
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Installation &
API Integration
Ensure Integration Device API installation works normally for smooth operation.
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System & Device
Maintenance of systems and hardware devices with the support of a reliable and responsive technical team.
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Enrichment Various
Types of Data
Provision of various types of data from various sources for deeper and validated analysis.

Why You Should Choose Comand Services Center of Ivosights

Superior and trusted Command Center provider with various advantages

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Complete services for Command Center needs, starting from design, to providing data from various sources.
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Provide Data
Provide data from various sources to enrich the amount of data that will be displayed according to needs.
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Cost Flexibility
Consult your wishes with us for appropriate and efficient recommendations in the construction of the Command Center.

Enrich Data from Various Sources for Sharper Analytical Capital

Ivosights provides data from a variety of data sources and formats to enrich the data that will be displayed on the Command Center screen.

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Digital data from monitoring conversations that occur on social media and news portals, to find out netizens' sentiments towards an issue/brand.
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Print Media
More than 200 print medias (local and national) can be displayed and monitored in the Command Center for easy monitoring of information.
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CCTV Analysis
CCTV analysis features by extracting video recordings for image analysis (object analysis, thematic themes, face recognition, d11) and audio analysis (sound analysis, speech analysis, emotions, etc.).
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API Integration
Display data from a variety of sources, both internal and external by integrating the data source API into the Command Center display.

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Sudah bagus dan sangat baik, apa yang direquest dan diminta bisa dibantu dibuatkan. Lalu, untuk Command center & Comprehensive Analysis, so far sudah cukup membantu.
All the products are good, from digital listening tools (Ripple10), and Command Center & Comprehensive Analytics
Informatif terutama dalam perannya sebagai Listening Tools. Mempermudah dalam mencari informasi yang lengkap namun masih terstruktur baik secara data metrik atau visualnya (grafik, authors, SOV dll) dan saving time.
Sejauh ini oke dan timnya helpful dan fast response!
Dashboard is innovative and has a very good UI, and for Command Center & Comprehensive Analysis: Keep up the good work!

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