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Big Data Complexity

Big Data is all data sets in very large, complex, and unstructured amounts that make it difficult to handle if only using traditional data processors. Big Data has several characteristics called 5V, namely volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value which if processed properly will be very helpful in business development.

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Big Data Analytics Solution
for Valuable Insights

Ivosights Comprehensive Analytics is here as a service that can make it easier for you to manage and analyze Big Data. With support from a variety of sources, in-depth analysis with various methods, and professional data processing, Ivosights can provide easy-to-understand data, as well as strategic recommendations that are right for your business.

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Professional Data Scientist
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Usable Data Present
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Multi Source Data Support
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Various Analytics Methode
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Digital Strategist Recommendation
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Analytics Tools dengan support AI

How Does Big Data Processing Work in Ivosights?

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Ivosights Big Data Analytics Helps Business
to Accelerate

Various benefits and benefits that you will get from Big Data analysis by Ivosights.

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Deep Analysis Report
Get massive amounts of data that can reveal hidden insights, show correlations between data and other information in depth.
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Ad Hoc Report
Face business dynamism with data report sets that are made according to a certain period and easy-to-read visual data for the company's internal needs.
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Trend Forecast
Win over your market with analysis of mapping business cycles and patterns to predict and project future trends.
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Strategy Recommendation
The company will get recommendations in the form of a comprehensive strategy for taking the next steps for company development.

Various Methods Used in Big Data Management and Analysis

OCEAN Framework
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A method developed by the University of Cambridge to identify market behavior and personalities through consumer’s characteristics and their common sense about some particular brand.

Emotion Analysis
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Emotional analysis with Robert Plutchik's emotional model, helps to analyze customer emotions more deeply and monitor changes in their emotions towards certain products.

Brand Association
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An analytical method to find keywords that are related or associated with a brand. This is important for building the identity of the brand, differentiating it from competing brands.

Trend Forecasting
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Conducted using qualitative and quantitative methods to predict market trends by mapping patterns and business cycles related to supply & demand, consumer behavior.

Data Enrichment with Diverse Types and Sources

logo resource ripple10
The most complete digital conversation monitoring platform with data crawling techniques, presenting a dashboard display that monitors all digital conversations on the internet through your business digital channel.
logo resource magpie
A data analytics platform that presents data and insights from the Top 3 C2C e-commerce in Indonesia to understand the big picture of the e-commerce market.
logo resource socialbakers
Browse data from all mainstream social media platforms and get growth reports from audiences on social media.
logo resource socialbakers
Mobile app that collects customer shopping receipts for consumer shopping behavior data. Snapcart will push TASC to crowdsource user and data.
logo resource google
A one-stop shop for understanding industry trends, consumer behavior, marketing insights, and more using tools such as Google Keyword Tools, Google Trends, and Google Insights, among others.

Find Valuable Insights with Big Data Analytics from Ivosights

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Informatif terutama dalam perannya sebagai Listening Tools. Mempermudah dalam mencari informasi yang lengkap namun masih terstruktur baik secara data metrik atau visualnya (grafik, authors, SOV dll) dan saving time.
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