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Understand. Engage. Delight.

Local DNA for Global Development

Ivosights is an IT company that provides end-to-end solutions in managing and improving customer interactions. We are a local Indonesian company established to build an integrated digital engagement ecosystem with technology development and supporting services based on global competitiveness.

We provide solutions for your company in managing and satisfying your customers using technology. Start by understanding them by monitoring their conversations online, engage with most digital channels and delight them by using automation and predicting their preferences.

Our Journey

milestone 2022
Opened new office branch at Yogyakarta
Sociomile Mobile App (Android & iOS)
Launched CakraData as a political platform
milestone 2021
Becoming WhatsApp Bussiness Official Partner
Ripple 10 Mobile App (Adroid & iOS)
milestone 2020
CS Revolution Crowd-Agent Platform
Paruh Waktu Platform
milestone 2019
The launching of Sociomation
The launching of Sociobot Features
Integration of Ripple10-Sociomile
milestone 2018
The launching of Sociomile Platform
Ripple10 Instant Command Center
milestone 2017
The launching of Ripple10
Invested by Salim Group
milestone 2016
MVP Product Ripple10

Understand Engage Delight

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The Most Complete and Integrated Customer Engagement Platform.
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Local company with 24/7 Local Support Team.
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Award-winning platforms for the Customer Engagement category.