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Get your own WhatsApp Business Official on Ivosights!

WhatsApp Business API is a messaging system that makes it easy for brands and customers to interact with each other effectively and efficiently through the WhatsApp instant messaging channel.

With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can send mass messages to their entire customer database (Business Initiated Message), and can use this service as a customer service center number (User Initiated Message) that is connected to the CRM system Sociomile.

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Differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

main logo whatsapp business api
WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business API
Business Scale
Small (MSME)
Middle (MSME)
Number of User/Agent Access
Max 2 User
Green Verified
icon no
icon yes
Broadcast Message System
icon no
icon yes
Account Name According to Business
icon no
icon yes
API Integration
icon no
icon yes
Personalize Message
icon no
icon yes
Database Management
icon no
icon yes
Reports and Analysis
icon no
icon yes
CRM Integration
icon no
icon yes
Sync & Chat History
Following device
Always Online

Accelerate Your Business with Various Benefits of the WhatsApp Business API

whatsapp business api benefit 48
The official WhatsApp account is marked with a green check
whatsapp business api benefit 49
Official business account with company name masking
whatsapp business api benefit 50
Answer messages automatically with chatbot
whatsapp business api benefit 51
Send mass messages across database
whatsapp business api benefit 52
Integration with Omni-Channel CRM system
whatsapp business api benefit 53
Real time dashboard & reporting
whatsapp business api benefit 54
Send messages with various content formats
whatsapp business api benefit 55
Personalize messages with templates

It's Time to Subscribe to WhatsApp Business API Only in Ivosights?

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Ivosights is the official partner of WhatsApp Business API (Business Solution Provider) in Indonesia.
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Our calculations are clearer and more profitable for your business. Prove it right away!
whatsapp business api usp 33
A complete dashboard for messaging as well as a CRM dashboard with complete reports.

WhatsApp Business API Dashboard from Ivosights

WhatsApp Business API service solution with clearer and more profitable calculations!

Customer Engagement Dashboard
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Dashboard that makes it easy for Agents to serve customer interactions. Messages that enter your WhatsApp Business Official number are converted into a ticket and can be directly served by the customer service agent. One number, multi access!

Broadcast Dashboard
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Dashboard with full features for sending WhatsApp messages in bulk to all databases. Create message templates that can be personalized, upload customer databases, and monitor message performance in real-time.

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The data analysis report on WhatsApp message distribution performance starts from message delivery status (sent, delivered, read, failed), to the overall WhatsApp campaign performance which is presented after the campaign ends.

Terms & Conditions of Submission WhatsApp Business API

The business must be a business entity (PT/CV).
Have a website and email that matches the website domain. Example: [email protected]
Have a Facebook Business Manager ID.
Have a type of business that is in accordance with the provisions of Facebook or WhatsApp Commerce Policy. You can check it at the following link: commerce-policy
Contacting the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, namely Ivosights, as the official partner of the WhatsApp Business API (Business Solution Provider) service in Indonesia.

Get a ticked WhatsApp Business API Account Green Only on Ivosights

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Questions about WhatsApp Business API (Q&A)

What is the WhatsApp Business API service registration process?
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In the WhatsApp Business API registration process, prospective users are required to prepare several items, including:

Can all businesses use the WhatsApp Business API?
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No! Facebook restricts the use of this service to certain business categories. Full explanation regarding permitted and inaccessible businesses at

Will I get a green checkmark (verified sign) if I use the WhatsApp Business API service?
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The authority to grant an official account lies entirely with WhatsApp under Facebook. WhatsApp conducts an assessment for granting official accounts in a closed manner with unpublished assessment specifications.

To get a "green tick" or official account, WhatsApp API users are required to verify an official account after the WhatsApp Business API account has been activated. Verification can be done after the WhatsApp Business API number has been used for 1-2 days.

How long does the WhatsApp Business API registration process take?
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The registration process consists of 2 stages:

  • Facebook Business Manager verification (5-7 working days)
  • Number registration and display name WhatsApp Business Official (2-3 working days)
Can users make phone calls with numbers registered on the WhatsApp Business API?
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No! The usage of WhatsApp Business API is limited to receiving and sending messages. The features of WhatsApp Personal or WhatsApp Business that are not available on the WhatsApp Business API include:

  • Telephone
  • Status Updates
  • Group
  • Catalog
Can I downgrade my account to regular WhatsApp?
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No! WhatsApp does not allow users to downgrade accounts from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Personal/Business. A complete explanation regarding downgrade accounts can be accessed at guides/phone-number#migration

Trusted by Hundreds of Brands from Various Industries

It's time to improve customer engagement with us for business acceleration in digital era.

Overall sangat mudah untuk digunakan dan report detail, sehingga dapat mengukur efektivitas pengiriman notif. Namun saat ini untuk menu pengajuan template masih belum 100% dapat digunakan secara optimal tapi semoga ke depannya dapat terus diperbaiki dan ditingkatkan. Sukses selalu. Terima Kasih
Untuk pemakaian Sociomile selama kurang lebih 2 tahun ini, dari sisi penggunaan itu sangat mudah di gunakan, tampilannya juga simple dan mudah dimengerti, fungsinya juga lengkap.
Akhir-akhir ini semakin membaik, karena dari awal pada tahap moderasi dari FB-nya cukup lama. Saat ini, dalam hitungan satu jam untuk template itu sudah cepat untuk approve. Progress ini kami appreciate. Penggunaan dashboard-nya pun sangat user friendly.
Walaupun Sociomile itu produk lokal tapi fitur nya komplit, apalagi ada custome field. Kami bisa free bikin sendiri tanpa harus req ke Ivosights. Harganya pun murah. Channel-nya beragam, kami jadi enak ngebagi project berdasarkan BU (bidang unit).

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