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Re-engage your customer data to get a better user engagement and enhance your customer loyalty efficiently.

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5-IN-1 Platform and Combine Channels

Sociomation is a platform that offers multiple channels of communication with customers: Email, SMS, Twitter, Telegram dan WhatsApp. You can send different types of messages separately or combine the with automation.

Scenario Retargeting

Collect contact list (contact, email, telegram, twitter, whatsapp) of your users, create responsive templates, and set up scenario (automated flows).

With our scenario retargeting feature, you can build omni-channel custom scenario to engage your customers with some easy step. You can save, and run the scenario anytime.

More Features to
Grow Your Business

Customer data management

If you doesn’t have enough customer profile data to make very good segmentation, you can enrich your customer data using our Data Enrichment Feature. By using data enrichment feature, you can connect to our data provider and get complete customer profile data to know your customer better

Customer data segmentation

To increase the success rate, you need to deliver the right product to the right people. With segmentation feature, you can Segmenting the customer based on their common profile.

Automation blasting.

Increase the open rate of your campaign by resending an another contact list (Email, SMS, Telegram, Twitter and WhatsApp) with a new subject line to everyone who has not opened your previous email.