bpo contact center certification 7
Ministry of communication and Informatics : Operational feasibility of Telecommunication Operator Number: 73/TEL.04.02/2019
bpo contact center certification 4
Registered as a member of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Number: 20203-2218311931
bpo contact center certification 5
Registered as a member of Indonesia Contact Center Association
bpo contact center certification 6
Registered as a member of Contact Center World

Business Process Outsourcing dari Ivosights

All-in-One Business Process Outsourcing (BP0) Contact Center is here as the most complete solution in customer service management that allows you to focus on your main business.

Ivosights services include providing qualified and trained Customer Service Agents, management & operational functions, providing facilities & locations, as well as a CRM Contact Center system for Inbound-Outbound service needs.

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bpo command center provider certification 3

After sales service to improve customer satisfaction, where the contact center agent functions to handle customer complaints and provide information assistance.

Services as following :

Call center for complain
Payment and order processing

bpo contact center inbound

Calls that are proactive, where the contact center agent will contact the customer in an effort to achieve the business goals charged by the company.

Services as following :

Phone verification
Call reminder

bpo contact center outbound

Why Choose Ivosights BPO Contact Center

Ivosights is an effective and efficient solution to keep businesses connected with customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

bpo contact center benefit 1
Freely adjust contact center operations to your needs and budget.
bpo contact center benefit 2
Improve service with trained & professional customer service agents.
bpo contact center benefit 3
Management & Operations System
Have an operational structure that will ensure work activities run effectively and efficiently.
bpo contact center benefit 4
Flexible Location Provision
There are 2 locations (Jakarta and Yogyakarta) with complete facilities and support team.
bpo contact center benefit 5
Data Security
We guarantee that your data will be stored and not shared by us.
bpo contact center benefit 6
Team Support 24/7
Responsive and professional 24/7 support team service.
Sistem Contact Center Sociomile
Sistem Contact Center terlengkap yang kami bangun dengan beragam keunggulan.
bpo contact center benefit 7
Complete with 12 channels in one dashboard.
bpo contact center benefit 8
Contact center platform with local servers.
bpo contact center benefit 9
Support Work From Home (WFH) with IP-PBX
bpo contact center benefit 10
Complete reports in various formats.
bpo contact center benefit 11
Custom workflows with various needs.
bpo contact center benefit 12
No software installation.

Operational Effectiveness for Production Optimization

Presentable and structured operational management to optimize productivity and service as well as contact center agent performance.

bpo contact center bpo 1
bpo contact center usp 2
bpo contact center usp 3
bpo contact center usp 4
bpo contact center usp 5
bpo contact center usp 6
bpo contact center usp 7
bpo contact center usp 8

Choose Services According to Your Needs and Budget

Two locations as your customer interaction service center, complete with operational facilities and services.

  • photo location 1
  • photo location 2
  • photo location 3
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  • photo location 5
  • photo location 6
  • photo location 1
  • photo location 2
  • photo location 3
  • photo location 4
  • photo location 5
  • photo location 6

Ready to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty?

Hubungi Kami
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Ensuring Contact Center Services are Supported by Professional and Qualified Agents

Ivosights CS Academy is a learning center that focuses on preparing and printing quality contact center agents, useful for helping improve customer interaction services.
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Selective and professional recruitment process

sca 2

Competent and certified training modules

sca 3

Online and offline classes ( Jakarta & Yogyakarta )

sca 4

Guided by experienced mentors

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Trusted by Hundreds of Brands from Various Industries

It's time to improve customer engagement with us for business acceleration in digital era.

Walaupun Sociomile itu produk lokal tapi fitur nya komplit, apalagi ada custome field. Kami bisa free bikin sendiri tanpa harus req ke Ivosights. Harganya pun murah. Channel-nya beragam, kami jadi enak ngebagi project berdasarkan BU (bidang unit).

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