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Ket. foto: Customer relationship management. Shutterstock
Ket. foto: Customer relationship management. Shutterstock

"Sociomation helps you manage, repurpose customer data, and evaluate brand campaigns that have been carried out"

JAKARTA - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an application to help manage customer data, to easily communicate with customers, access information, increase sales and other related to business.

In CRM, there is a term called Social CRM. By using Social CRM, customers can communicate on social media, so customer service tasks can be a little lighter. Not only that, through Social CRM you can also get customer views through customer information on social media.

Social CRM can be integrated into social media via CRM software. For example, Social CRM Integration with WhatsApp Business API. This can be done by official WhatsApp business partners. Ivosights is one of them.

Ivosights provides a digital platform for data management and customer re-engagement called Sociomation. Sociomation is a scenario-based Social CRM Automation.

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Sociomation helps you manage, repurpose customer data, and evaluate brand campaigns that have been carried out so far. Various features are presented by Sociomation, which includes:

  • Leads Management : The function is to maintain brand-based customer data, making it easy to group and analyze customer consumption of the preferred brand.
  • Data Enrichment : It is a platform that can connect directly with big data, so it will automatically enrich customer data with a complete behavior profile.
  • Segmentation : The function is to automatically group data based on customer characteristics in a complete and real time/online manner.
  • Retargeting Scenario : The function is to run campaign simulations through various media (omni-channel) with precision by business owners.
  • Scenario Performance Report : The function is to report and analyze the complete performance of various campaign scenarios that are run or simulated.

With these outstanding features, Sociomation is the best Social CRM in serving customers. If you are interested in giving this program a try, please visit our official website at



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