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Ket. foto: Ilustrasi - WhatsApp Blast. Shutterstock.
Ket. foto: Ilustrasi - WhatsApp Blast. Shutterstock.

"WhatsApp (WA) Blast is one of the things that should be important for companies and brands to explore consumers more deeply"

Did you know that WhatsApp (WA) blasts are one of the most important features a business should have? Here's why, because this feature can help businesses to send personalized messages to multiple customers at the same time. Not only that, WA blasts also have many other benefits that can be profitable for your business. For example, such as reaching out to customers and asking for customer feedback. Interesting, right? Then, how do we obtain a WA blast?

What is WhatsApp Blast?

WhatsApp Blast is a WhatsApp Business API feature that can help and support your business strategy, which allows sending mass messages at the same time. You can send messages without having to save user numbers in contacts. this feature is certainly a very effective and efficient way for business owners to reach many customers at once.

The terms Whatsapp Blast and Whatsapp Broadcast are still often confused by some people, especially for those who have just started using Whatsapp Business. Both have the same main function, which is to send messages in large quantities. Whatsapp Broadcast is a native feature managed by Whatsapp itself, but it has a sending limit of 256 contacts only. Also, to send bulk messages with Whatsapp Broadcast, you need to have the number saved in the contacts.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp Blast is a feature obtained via the Whatsapp API from a third party. However, the features offered by Whatsapp Blast can be said to be superior to Whatsapp Broadcast, which can spread messages with unlimited contacts and without having to save the recipient's number in the contact. In addition, this method will make it easier for marketing activities to be more efficient.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Blast for Companies

#1 Personalize messages for customers

Our Whatsapp Blast system allows you to spread your messages to unlimited WhatsApp users. Daily mass delivery to thousands of customers allows your business to have faster navigation than others. Messages can be creatively customized with text, emojis, and even graphic files.

#2 Explore new and unrecognized consumers

This system allows you to spread your message to new or unrecognized markets. For example, blast in text and image methods as flyers to anonymous contacts. Increase public awareness of your business and products or services with 90% read rate of WhatsApp messages.

#3 Mobile friendly advertising

As the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, the best way to stay in touch with clients in this modern age is by mobile. Most of the people these days prefer messaging on social media rather than calling. Therefore, promotional messages sent via WhatsApp make it easier for business owners to reach out to their products.

#4 Direct feedback from customers

The main contribution of our WhatsApp Blast system is to help our clients form strong bonds with their customers. Businesses that frequently interact with customers via WhatsApp give a better brand name. It provides deep business insights about your company that will ultimately help increase your business sales.

Based on the explanation above, with WhatsApp Blast you can find out the experience of the audience that you want to find or information that can be explored further, so that you can grow your business. Intrigued? Find a Whatsapp Blast solution at WABA by Ivosighst because, you can find WA Blast that is practical and easy to use. For more information click the link here!


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