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Introducing, Ripple10 Mobile Application

The Ripple10 Mobile App is an application that functions to display data like Ripple10 functions in general, but is displayed on the smartphone layer. The Ripple10 application provides real-time digital data information from various digital channels in the form of an easy-to-understand smartphone layer display.

This application is very useful for stakeholders to always get the latest information and developments about the institution they lead. This helps facilitate coordination with all line agencies for quick and precise decision making.

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Monitor Digital Conversations with Ripple10 Apps

All digital information about the brand, available at your fingertips.
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Enjoy the Ease of Accessing Data Just in Your Hands

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Easy-to-Understand Data Display
ripple10 application benefit 28
Custom Dasboard Widget
ripple10 application benefit 29
Data Sharing Features
ripple10 application benefit 30
Competitor Data Comparison
ripple10 application benefit 31
Complete Data Metrics
ripple10 application benefit 32
Data Filtering
ripple10 application benefit 33
Bilingual - Bahasa & English
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Light Mode & Dark Mode

Download Ripple10 Mobile Application Now!

Enjoy More Conveniences with Ripple10

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Ripple10 Mobile Apps
Easy to monitor brand and competition in your hand
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Ripple10 Insights
Interesting insights from Ripple10 on various topics and industries
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Ripple10 Command Center
Visualization of Ripple10 data in Command Center screens via various widgets
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